How to Choose the Right Garden Fence

garden fence

Thanks to a growing love of DIY projects and HGTV inspiration, more and more homeowners are transforming their yards into lush gardens. Whether you are plotting out an herb garden, a mini vineyard, or a flower garden with flowers of all sizes and colors, you probably have thought about the need for a garden fence. If so, you might have … Read More

Why You Should Install a Pool Fence (Better Yet, Get Expert Installation)

pool fence

Whether you have an in-ground or an above ground swimming pool, it’s important to consider installing a pool fence. Pools are a wonderful source of fun, exercise, relaxation, and family bonding time. But they also represent a hazard to people and even pets. A pool fence can greatly diminish the chance for accidents on your Maryland property. Here are the … Read More

8 Reasons Why You Will Love Your Wrought Iron Fence

wrought iron fence

Are you still on the fence about ordering a wrought iron fence (ornamental fence) for your Maryland residential or commercial property? Time to choose sides! You’ll never regret choosing wrought iron fencing for your property. Here are eight reasons why you’ll love your wrought iron fence. 1. Wrought Iron Resists Rust Wrought iron is composed of an alloy. Stated simply, … Read More

Why You Need a Fence Contractor (Fence Installation and Repair)

fence contractor

Like most big house projects, installing a fence is usually best left to the professionals. If you are considering installing a new fence or repairing an existing fence, you’ll need to hire a fence contractor. If you’ve never done so before, you might have questions about the process and why you need a fence contractor. What is a Fence Contractor? … Read More

Lattice Fence: Installation and Repair

lattice fence

Deciding on what type of fence you want for your property can be a hard decision; after all, the fence you choose can add a lot of style and personality to your yard. Perhaps you’ve seen short lattice fences in the garden section at the home improvement store, but did you know you can incorporate lattice fencing into your property … Read More

What is a Stockade Fence and How Can a Stockade Fence Benefit You?

stockade fence

Although vinyl fences are growing in popularity, many homeowners are still choosing to install wood fences on their property. Wood fences are easy to repair, are more economical than vinyl fences, and are also customizable. If you are considering a wood fence, a wood stockade fence may be the right fence for you. What is a Stockade Fence? A stockade … Read More

Choosing a White Fence: Vinyl, Picket, or Privacy

white fence

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a house with a white picket fence for years, and you’re ready to see that dream come to fruition. Maybe your HOA requires that any new fence installed must be white for uniformity purposes. There are many reasons for wanting a white fence, but even when it comes to white fences, you have options. White Vinyl … Read More

Add Historical Charm to Your Property With a Split Rail Fence

split rail fence

Split rail fences are one of the oldest fence styles in the U.S. Since the days of the pioneers, property owners have done split rail fence installation to mark property boundaries and keep livestock corralled. When you have HoCo Fence install a split rail fence on your property, you automatically add historic charm to your property, as well as a … Read More

Metal Fence 101

metal fence

Maybe you just moved to a new house and needed a fence so your dog can safely play in the yard. Or maybe the old fence around the rose garden is ready to be replaced. Regardless of why you need a fence, when individuals begin researching types of fences for their home or business, they quickly realize they have many … Read More

Iron Gates for Your Maryland Home or Property

iron gate maryland

Iron gates add a level of distinction that many Maryland homeowners and business owners appreciate. Iron gates have a long history of use in this country; long before the introduction of manmade materials like stainless steel and vinyl. As such, having an iron gate on your property can give your home or business an historic accent that you’ll appreciate every … Read More