Why You Should Consider a Privacy Fence

privacy fence

Your property is your personal domain. It’s where you relax, enjoy time with your friends and family, and where you can pursue your hobbies and passions. Unfortunately, some neighborhoods don’t provide the kind of privacy where you can enjoy yourself without being on display. Here are some reasons why you should consider using HoCo Fence to install a privacy fence … Read More

A Handy Guide to Chain Link Fence Maintenance

chain link fence maintenance

One of the main reasons why chain link fences are so popular for industrial use is that they are relatively maintenance free and can last up to 50 years if properly cared for. While they don’t require staining or pressure washing, a chain link fence does require periodic cleaning with a few handy, household items. You’re probably asking yourself… What … Read More

Tips and Tricks to Beautifying your Backyard Vinyl Fence

backyard vinyl fence

Whether you opt for a privacy paneled vinyl fence or the iconic white vinyl picket fence, sometimes you may find yourself looking at it and thinking, “It’s just so… white.” Sure, you can go to the expense of replacing the panels or pickets with another color of vinyl, but why when these simple fix-ups can beautify your backyard vinyl fence … Read More

Choosing Wood Fence Posts, Panels, Gates, and Pickets

wood fence options

The iconic wood fence is one of the most inexpensive and secure ways to protect your home, business or property. However, choosing the fence that is right for you is fraught with decisions. Do I choose redwood or cedar? Pickets or panels? Which type of gate, stain, hardware and fence posts do I want? Rather than throw up your hands … Read More

A Brief History of Ornamental Fences in Maryland

An Ornamental Fence in Maryland

Maryland has provided the sometimes tumultuous setting for the evolution of modern America. As a union state that still used slaves to farm extensive tobacco crops, Maryland became the embittered battlefield where brother fought against brother during the Civil War. During a failed attempt by the British to take Baltimore in 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the … Read More