Lattice Fence: Installation and Repair

lattice fence

Deciding on what type of fence you want for your property can be a hard decision; after all, the fence you choose can add a lot of style and personality to your yard. Perhaps you’ve seen short lattice fences in the garden section at the home improvement store, but did you know you can incorporate lattice fencing into your property fencing? This post will cover the basics of lattice fencing and the in’s and out’s of lattice fence installation and repair.

What is a Lattice Fence?

When a fence is described as “lattice,” it refers to the pattern of the fence – not the type of material used to construct the fence. For this reason, you can have a vinyl lattice fence, a wood lattice fence, or even a metal lattice fence.

So what is lattice? Simply, a lattice fence has a pattern in which strips of material crisscross and create a square or diamond shaped space. Because of this, lattice fences can be known as diamond lattice fences. The weave can be tight or “open” (loose) which can contribute to the many different looks of a lattice fence.

wood lattice fence

Here’s an example of a Wood Lattice Fence that we installed.

Because a lattice refers to a pattern (and not a material), there are many types of lattice fencing available including:

  • Lattice fence toppers
  • Spindle lattice: While most people think only of the crisscross lattice, the spindle lattice is a type of lattice used as a fence topper.Also known as a vertical lattice fence, the spindle lattice features only vertical “spindles” – no crisscrossing.
  • Wood lattice: Wood lattice fences are extremely popular. Many gardens can be seen protected by short lattice fencing; you might even spot a climbing flower plant on a panel of a 2-foot lattice fence! Wood lattice fences are not just for garden decoration.Wood privacy fences can also be crowned with a lattice topper.
  • Vinyl lattice: One benefit to choosing a vinyl fence is that it can easily be installed in a variety of colors so if you want a green lattice fence or a beige one, you’re covered.
  • Metal lattice fence: Metal privacy fences can be customized with lattice patterned privacy panels.

Lattice Fence Installation

Regardless of which type of lattice fence you would like, HoCo Fence makes the installation process easy. Once the ordinances are checked, all underground utilities and property lines will be marked.

Then, our team of professional installers will draw out the proposed fence lines. Once the lines are measured and marked, the installation will begin.

This process remains the same no matter what type of fence you buy – a fence with a lattice topper, a tall lattice fence, or even a heavy duty lattice fence.

vinyl lattice fence

Here’s an example of a Vinyl Lattice Fence that we installed.

Lattice Fence Repair

Keeping a fence in pristine condition is important. Not only does a broken or damaged fence detract from the aesthetics of your property, but it can also affect the integrity of your privacy fence or the security your fence provides. Repair your fence as soon as you notice any sign of damage.

How Can We Help You?

Are you ready to buy a lattice fence? Do you know what type of fence you need or do you need a few lattice fence ideas? Perhaps you already have a lattice fence, but it needs to be repaired? Contact us for an estimate, and we’ll be happy to help you with your lattice fence needs.