How to Choose the Best Type of Fence for Your Backyard

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Have you been going fence-free for too long? Building a fence in your backyard is always a good idea. It provides you with security, privacy, and a sense of ownership over your property. Choosing which type of fence to erect in your backyard is a tough decision and one that you’ll be living with for years to come. No pressure. … Read More

Room to Run: The Benefits of Installing Fences for Your Dog

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Having a fence around your property comes with many benefits, let alone the normal security that comes with it. Your family, pets and all those around your neighborhood feel the effect of you fencing your property. For some of the parties, the fence may have negative effects while for others, it has a positive outcome. Do you own a dog? … Read More

Embrace the Summer: 7 Garden Fence Ideas You’ll Love

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Summer is coming and it’s time to look towards the hours you’d like to spend outside. But is your garden a welcoming space for you? Maybe you want to update a tired garden. Or perhaps you want to boost your home’s curb appeal.  Either way, landscaping is the easiest way to improve the value of your home. Changing your fence is … Read More

9 Beautiful Privacy Fence Ideas to Shelter Your Home

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Research by Elizabeth Vallet shows that the popularity of privacy has increased significantly in the past decade. It is always great for families to have a place where they can enjoy private time. While you do want people to see how amazing your garden is, you need privacy in your own home. That is why a backyard privacy fence is … Read More

When Safety Meets Curb Appeal: The Benefits of a Privacy Fence

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If you are looking to increase your home’s value, add security, and even control street noise, consider building a privacy fence. There are many styles, uses, materials and designs for your fencing. What you choose will depend entirely on what you want from your fence. Materials and Design of Your Privacy Fence Fencing materials can include wrought iron, aluminum, low maintenance … Read More

See-Through Fence 101: Your Guide to Materials

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Building a fence is one of the top improvements that add value to your home. But what type of fence should you build? When we think about fences, we often think of the tall, thick, wooden kind. Like the one Aunt Polly sent Tom Sawyer out to whitewash.  But if you want to keep your pet safe and still see your neighborhood, … Read More

Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership

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Having a pet is a privilege, something 68% of Americans have. But while our furry best friends are cute and fun, do you know what it means to be a responsible pet owner? Animals are living beings that rely on us for everything in their life. It’s a commitment we sign up for once we bring those cute little faces … Read More

5 Considerations Before You Install Dog Fencing

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Over 43 million households own at least one dog. Owning a furry friend brings tons of joy to peoples lives, but it also requires responsibility and care. One aspect of owning a dog is ensuring they get enough physical activity and remain safe. Installing fencing is just one option to help make it easier to achieve these goals. Wondering if … Read More

Why Chain Links Are One of the Top Favorites

Why Chain Links Are One of the Top Favorites

Fences are a must for anyone with pets or small children. That being said, fences can also be helpful for those families who simply want to secure their property. There are dozens of different types of fences out there but a favorite that has stood the test of time is the chain link fence. What makes this type of fence … Read More

Does a Fence Really Increase a Home’s Value?

Does a Fence Really Increase A Homes Value?

We are always looking for ways to improve the overall look and value of our homes. While expensive upgrades might seem like the best way to go, sometimes something simple and practical like a fence can do just as much as a high price upgrade. So how does a fence help to upgrade the value of your home, here are … Read More