7 Reasons It’s Always a Good Idea to Put up a Fence: Property Fencing Benefits

property fencing

The average cost of property fencing is $2,700. But don’t let the price tag turn you away. There’s are loads of benefits to adding a fence around your house. A good fence can improve your property value, keep you safe, and provide a safe place for your dog to run, plus much more.

We cover the top 7 reasons why you should add a fence to your list of home improvements.

1. A Fence Can Increase Your Home Value

Real estate advisors have always debated whether a fence adds to your home value. We think it does, and we explain why here. On top of curb appeal, a fenced-in home is safer and more private than a home without a fence.

To increase your home value, you need to make sure you get a quality fence installed by quality people. We’ll make sure your fence will look good for years to come.

2. Give Your Dog Room to Run

It’s no secret that millennials are buying homes to give their dogs a better life. So if you bought your home so Rover has his own space, he needs a fenced-in yard too.

A privacy fence will keep your dog safe from road hazards and will prevent him from running away. You can let your dog run free knowing he’s safe in your fence.

3. Property Fencing Protects Your Privacy

What’s worse than nosy neighbors? Nosy neighbors who can see into your windows or walk straight into your yard because there’s no fence in the way. A privacy fence is there to give you a bit more seclusion in your home.

4. Quality Fencing Can Keep You Safe

On top of keeping nosy neighbors out of your yard, a fence makes it harder for burglars to get into your space too.

5. Protect Your Landscaping

Are you in an area prone to harsh winds and sudden rain? Fencing in your landscaping can protect plants from brutal weather. The fence provides a bit of shelter.

6. Protect Your Backyard Parties from Unwanted Noise

Fencing in your property has the added benefit of acting as a noise barrier. If you have loud neighbors, a fence can provide a bit of relief against the onslaught of sound.

7. Define Your Space

Finally, a fence helps you define your space. You’ll never have to debate where your lawn care ends and your neighbor’s start. You’ll never have to deal with another neighbor’s dog coming in to do their business in your lawn.

Because with a fence, your space is yours. And everyone knows it.

Property Fencing Can Drastically Improve Your Space

Adding property fencing around your home makes a more peaceful, safe space. It protects your yard from burglars, obnoxious weather, and nosy neighbors.

So if you want to upgrade your yard, it’s time to get a fence.

Are you curious about adding a fence to your property? Contact us today for a free estimate.