Embrace the Summer: 7 Garden Fence Ideas You’ll Love

garden fence

Summer is coming and it’s time to look towards the hours you’d like to spend outside. But is your garden a welcoming space for you?

Maybe you want to update a tired garden. Or perhaps you want to boost your home’s curb appeal. 

Either way, landscaping is the easiest way to improve the value of your home. Changing your fence is a simple way to upgrade your garden.

It can help to think of a garden as an outdoor room. Put the same care into choosing fences as you would wall coverings.

Wondering what to do with your garden fence? Read on for 7 ideas you’ll love.

1. Wooden Rails

Do you want to divide up your garden but you don’t want to use screens?

Try installing wooden rails. The two horizontal lines help to divide up the space.

But they’re low enough that they won’t spoil views across the garden

2. Zig-Zag Fence

Fences don’t have to be straight. Try installing a fence in a zig-zag pattern.

Choose a textured or unusual plant for one side. And plant something colorful and exuberant on the other.

The zig-zag creates a wonderful sense of contrast. It also works with several kinds of fences since the impact comes from the shape.

3. Vertical Garden

Is your garden short on space? Turn your wooden fence into part of the display.

Place containers along the base of the fence. Plant a range of small and tall plants, putting the tall ones at the back.

Or put a trellis up the fence and let creeping plants grow upwards. You can also install shelves on the fence to hold smaller pots.

4. Entrance Arches

Add an entrance archway to a classic white picket fence. It adds a focal point to the garden and frames your front door.

Plant vibrant perennials to add color and greenery. Consider adding a lattice for climbing flowers to make their way up the archway.

Experts recommend you invest 10 percent of your home’s value in its landscaping. Adding plants and a delightful fence is a great place to start.

5. Wire Fence

You have a few options with wire fences. Choose a vintage look with classic wire fencing.

Use it as a form of trellis for climbing plants if you’d rather have greenery than metal. Or install strong wooden supports and chickenwire panels to protect a vegetable garden.

They’re a great choice for see-through fences.

6. Reclaimed Wood Fence

A great way to re-use or reclaim wood is to bring it into your garden. Build your fence using knotted logs.

They withstand the elements and they look more natural in the garden landscape. Pair them with grasses or free-flowing plants for an Old West look.

7. Ornamental Fence

An ornamental fence adds an air of elegance to a garden. Easy to care for, these metal fences let you enjoy the view of your garden. 

They’re also customizable, and you can add as many scrolls, finials, or rails as you want. Choose between steel or aluminum, depending on the finish you want.

Enjoy Your Summer with a New Garden Fence

A garden fence doesn’t have to be boring. These approaches let you mix greenery with fencing. Or you can create an artistic look with zig-zags and reclaimed materials.

Have these seven options given you some great ideas? Get in touch with HoCo Fence today. We can install your new fence, letting you enjoy your garden this summer.