Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is no longer plain, white and boring. With new colors, patterns, tops, and styles on the market, it is possible to have a unique and beautiful vinyl fence surrounding your property that matches your personal sense of style.

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How does vinyl fencing cost compare with other fencing types?

It seems as though the growing popularity of vinyl fencing doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Known for its durability, vinyl fences are easy to maintain, often only requiring a good washing once a year.

As far as cost goes, among the four most common fence types, vinyl fencing falls somewhere between wood fencing and ornamental fencing in per-foot cost. However, some people find that the annual or bi-annual staining or painting of a wood fence more than offsets any cost savings you may have in the initial investment. Ultimately, your vinyl fencing cost will depend on whether you choose vinyl picket fencing or privacy fencing, the height of your fence and the area you wish to cover. The expert installation professionals at HoCo Fence offer a free estimate of your vinyl fence cost that is unique to your property and style choice.

What is involved with vinyl fence installation?

Vinyl fence installation begins with drawing out the line where the fence will sit. This is best done by consulting the County assessor or hiring a surveyor who can determine where your property line sits. Should your desired fence stand over six feet tall, Howard County laws require you to obtain a permit before construction can begin. If HoCo Fence is installing your vinyl fence, they will oversee the permit and survey process on your behalf. First, the corner posts will be set temporarily so they are level and plumb and a string line will be run along the top of the corner posts. Next, the fence panels will be assembled and set into place. Finally, the corner posts will be permanently set in concrete to ensure their stability for years to come.

What types of Vinyl Fence Panels are available?

Vinyl fence panels are generally classified into two broad categories – vinyl picket fence or privacy fence.

Vinyl Picket Fence – Vinyl picket fence looks like the traditional “white picket fence” that so many homeowners dream about. Narrow pickets are topped with your choice of a closed top, scalloped top, domed top, or open top. Vinyl picket fencing offers all of the traditional Colonial charm of sapling fences without the work involved with maintaining a wooden picket fence.

Vinyl Privacy Fence – In an iconic scene in literature, Tom Sawyer is made to whitewash a fence as punishment but convinces a young friend to trade him small trinkets for the “privilege” of performing this onerous task. Wood fences of today have not changed much from the days of Mark Twain. They still must be periodically stained, whitewashed, painted, or treated in order to maintain their structural integrity as well as their beauty. Fortunately, vinyl privacy fencing keeps your home and yard from the prying eyes of neighbors without the need to force young children into servitude.