When Safety Meets Curb Appeal: The Benefits of a Privacy Fence

privacy fence

If you are looking to increase your home’s value, add security, and even control street noise, consider building a privacy fence.

There are many styles, uses, materials and designs for your fencing. What you choose will depend entirely on what you want from your fence.

Materials and Design of Your Privacy Fence

Fencing materials can include wrought iron, aluminum, low maintenance PVC, and wood. Your privacy fence design can feature solid panels, stockade, or a shadowbox design. Lattice can be added to the top of the fence to make it look sleek and polished.

If money is an issue, chain link fences can be built for less money. These fences can have material woven through them to make them more private.

Generally, privacy fences are at least six feet in height. Before installing your fence, make sure you aren’t violating any HOA or state requirements regarding the height or materials used.

Benefits of a Privacy Fence

Privacy fences block pedestrians and neighbors from seeing into your yard, but there are other benefits of installing them. A privacy fence can:

Help Control Street Noise

A sturdy, thick fence can help reduce street noise. How much noise it will deflect will depend on the materials used and how thick the fencing is. Soundproofing materials can be added to the fence after it has been built to help combat traffic or pedestrian noise.


A privacy fence allows security in several ways.

First, a tall privacy fence will discourage people from climbing into the yard. It also blocks your valuables, like tools or lawn equipment, from prying eyes.

It protects your loved ones from being seen by street traffic, neighbors, and pedestrians. A privacy fence allows your loved ones to enjoy the yard whenever they wish.

Finally, a privacy fence will protect you from liability if you have a pool in the yard. It discourages small children from wandering into your yard and getting into trouble.

Quieter Pets

A privacy fence means quieter pets. Your dog won’t be tempted to bark at other dogs or foot traffic outside the home because he won’t be able to see them. 

In addition, a privacy fence lowers the risk that children will reach over the fence or poke their hands through it. This means less potential for your dog to bite someone.

Increased Property Value

On average, a homeowner will recoup 50% of the cost of fencing when he or she sells the home. Many home buyers will not look at homes that do not have fencing. A privacy fence is especially appealing to pet owners in the housing market. 

Weather Buffer

A privacy fence can act as a buffer against wind or harsh weather. It can help to protect your landscaping, lawn furniture, and other outdoor items from damaging winds.

Still on the Fence?

If you’re not sure that a privacy fence is the best solution for your home, have a professional come to your home and evaluate your needs. 

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