Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership

responsible pet ownership

Having a pet is a privilege, something 68% of Americans have. But while our furry best friends are cute and fun, do you know what it means to be a responsible pet owner? Animals are living beings that rely on us for everything in their life. It’s a commitment we sign up for once we bring those cute little faces … Read More

5 Considerations Before You Install Dog Fencing

dog fencing

Over 43 million households own at least one dog. Owning a furry friend brings tons of joy to peoples lives, but it also requires responsibility and care. One aspect of owning a dog is ensuring they get enough physical activity and remain safe. Installing fencing is just one option to help make it easier to achieve these goals. Wondering if … Read More

Why Chain Links Are One of the Top Favorites

Why Chain Links Are One of the Top Favorites

Fences are a must for anyone with pets or small children. That being said, fences can also be helpful for those families who simply want to secure their property. There are dozens of different types of fences out there but a favorite that has stood the test of time is the chain link fence. What makes this type of fence … Read More

Does a Fence Really Increase a Home’s Value?

Does a Fence Really Increase A Homes Value?

We are always looking for ways to improve the overall look and value of our homes. While expensive upgrades might seem like the best way to go, sometimes something simple and practical like a fence can do just as much as a high price upgrade. So how does a fence help to upgrade the value of your home, here are … Read More

Can You Install a Fence in the Winter? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

Can You Install a Fence in the Winter? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

Winter might not seem like the obvious season in which to put up a new fence, but in fact, there are some significant advantages to doing the work at this time of year. All that’s necessary for a successful installation is to take some commonsense precautions. Check Your Ground A few degrees of frost or even a moderate fall of … Read More

Can a Fence Be Built on the Property Line?

Can A Fence Be Built On The Property Line?

Owning a home inspires all kinds of creative ideas. Putting up a new fence is one way new and seasoned homeowners can spruce up a yard. Putting a fence on your yard will help close it in perhaps for young kids, or prevent dogs from running out. Coupled with a few home improvement shows, people turn into home improvement experts. … Read More

6 Reasons to Hire Professional Fencing Contractors

6 Reasons to Hire Professional Fencing Contractors

When thinking of installing a fence on your property, the idea of saving money can be tempting. However, regarding fence installations, a DIY approach can cost you more than hiring a professional fencing contractor. Whether it is chain-mesh fencing, pool fencing, or any other kind of fence, there are lots of benefits for hiring a professional to handle your fencing … Read More

Your Common Fence Installation Questions Answered!

Your Common Fence Installation Questions Answered!

When it comes to installing a fence around your property, some DIY-ers may find that the project ends up being more than they bargained for. Fortunately, with a little know-how and some help from fencing professionals you can have a beautiful, functional fence in no time. 1. Which Material Should I Use? This is, by far, the most common question asked of … Read More

Commercial Fencing Options You May Not Have Considered

Commercial Fencing Options you may not have Considered

We all want to protect our investments. We ensure our homes and cars, we bank with FDIC insured institutions, and we even avoid wearing suede shoes in a rainstorm. But when it comes to protecting your property with commercial fencing, we tend to think of one option – a chain link fence. Easy to install and relatively inexpensive, chain link continues to … Read More

The Benefits Of PVC Fencing

PVC fences are a great choice for homes, businesses, pools and other properties. If you have little time to worry about fence repairs then this is a great choice for you. In recent years a lot of people have been choosing PVC fencing over traditional materials such as wood, iron, or chain-link, and this is because it is a lot … Read More