Commercial Fencing Options You May Not Have Considered

Commercial Fencing Options you may not have Considered

We all want to protect our investments. We ensure our homes and cars, we bank with FDIC insured institutions, and we even avoid wearing suede shoes in a rainstorm. But when it comes to protecting your property with commercial fencing, we tend to think of one option – a chain link fence. Easy to install and relatively inexpensive, chain link continues to be one of the most common types of commercial fencing, but it lacks a certain curb appeal. Fortunately, there are other commercial fencing options you may not have considered that can protect your property just as well and offer a more pleasing aesthetic.

Vinyl Commercial Fencing

Vinyl fencing is versatile, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Since the entire product is made of UV resistant materials, the posts and panels will not shrink, rot or require painting or staining making vinyl fences ideal for commercial properties. Even though most vinyl fencing is reinforced, it tends to not hold up to damage as well as metal-based options. Still, if privacy is the goal or if you want to protect your property with what looks like the traditional “white picket fence,” vinyl is a great option.

Wood Commercial Fencing

A lot of commercial property owners overlook wood as a fencing material simply because it requires periodic maintenance. However, commercial wood fencing can offer a lot of pros to those looking for a beautiful, secure fence. Wood commercial fencing tends to be taller than its residential counterpart with fence posts spaced closer together for added strength. Wood fence panels made from cedar or cypress also tend to naturally rot and insect resistant. Although initially expensive, these types of wood fences require no more maintenance than a bi-annual wood treatment to keep them looking beautiful for decades. They are also just as easy to install as a chain link fence but are more like to withstand intrusion.

Aluminum Commercial Fencing

More and more businesses are turning to aluminum commercial fencing panels to add a particular aesthetic to their properties. Easy to install with either cedar or cypress fence posts, aluminum panels can be stamped or infused with color. They can also be made to look like more expensive ornamental metal fencing. Best of all, aluminum fences require virtually no maintenance and can naturally withstand the elements.

Ornamental Metal Commercial Fencing

Finally, there is the granddaddy of all commercial fencing – the ornamental fence. Made from cast iron or steel, there is nothing quite so imposing as a series of metal posts protecting your property. Ornamental metal fencing can be created in any height, any picket distance and offers unparalleled durability. In fact, many ornamental fences that were installed at the beginning of the last century are still standing today.

Ultimately, which commercial fencing option you choose will depend on your design preference, your tolerance for maintenance and your budget. Just know that you have more options than the traditional chain link commercial fence that are more beautiful and sometimes more durable. Contact HoCo Fence for a free estimate!