The Beauty of Aluminum Fencing

aluminum fencing

Of all the fencing options that are available, aluminum is quickly turning into one of the most widely sought-after materials for fencing. Whether you need fencing for your home or your business, the beauty of aluminum fencing can’t be ignored.

Where Can Aluminum Fencing Be Used?

Due to the features of aluminum fencing, it is ideally suited for a variety of uses, including around the perimeter of your yard, as a pool enclosure, a backyard garden enclosure, or around business grounds. In any setting, aluminum fencing adds style along with functionality.

What Makes Aluminum Fencing so Versatile?

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HoCo Fence can repair any type of metal fence, including aluminum fences, such as this fence we installed.

Aluminum fences are rust-resistant, lightweight, sturdy and durable. They can be powder coated in any color, which makes them attractive in any surrounding. There are even more reasons why aluminum fencing is so versatile.

Nearly Indestructible

One of the most common reasons people choose aluminum fencing is its durability. Aluminum fences are practically indestructible. While aluminum is not 100% impervious to rust, it is highly rust resistant, even with no powder coat finish applied. Since rust is the number one reason why metal fences deteriorate, this feature makes aluminum a highly popular fence material. This is why aluminum fencing is such a great choice for areas around water, such as swimming pools, backyard ponds and in seacoast locations where the salty air is an issue.

Attractive With Any Décor

Aluminum fencing is very receptive to powder coating. Powder coating is available in a nearly infinite array of colors to suit any décor. If a homeowner wishes to downplay the aluminum fencing, they could opt for subtle hues of green. If they wish to make the aluminum fencing stand out, they could choose contrasting colors like red or yellow. With aluminum fencing, the color choices are endless.

Light and Breezy

Another attractive feature of aluminum fences is its light and breezy feel. Aluminum fencing is much lighter in weight than other forms of metal fencing. What this means as a property owner is that aluminum fencing is easier for the fence contractor to install. This equates to less labor cost at installation. Lighter weight also means that the joints and posts won’t be stressed as with some other heavier metals. Gates will open and close easier, and aluminum fencing panels can span a greater distance due to the lightness in weight. This makes aluminum fencing particularly ideal for large estates and industrial use.

Attractive Designs in Aluminum Fencing

black rail aluminum fence

Aluminum fencing is very versatile in styling, too. Property owners can choose from a wide variety of designs that complement the area where the aluminum fencing is to be installed. Aluminum fences can be chosen with spiked or flat top rails, or with intricate scrolling that can be customized according to the property owner’s needs.

For further information about aluminum fences and all the options available for property owners, contact HoCo Fence today. Your custom fence installer will be able to help you choose which fencing option will work best for your needs.