Can You Install a Fence in the Winter? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

Can You Install a Fence in the Winter? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

Winter might not seem like the obvious season in which to put up a new fence, but in fact, there are some significant advantages to doing the work at this time of year.

All that’s necessary for a successful installation is to take some commonsense precautions.

Check Your Ground

A few degrees of frost or even a moderate fall of snow need not prevent your fence installation going ahead, but it’s essential to check the ground before proceeding.

As a professional fence company, we have the specialized equipment which will allow us to work in most weather and ground conditions. But temperatures of 25 degrees or lower and really hard frosts will usually mean postponing the work for a time.

It may also occasionally be necessary to postpone during a period of rapid thaw as drier conditions are preferable, but subject to these considerations there is no reason to delay the installation of your new fence.

The Benefits of Installing a Fence in Winter

Ease and convenience of work

Weather conditions apart, building a fence can be significantly easier in winter. Many plants are dormant and awkward areas of a yard can be accessed without fear of damaging delicate new growth, landscaping, lawns, and seedlings.

Building in winter also means avoiding any disruption to your enjoyment of outdoor yard activities in spring and summer.

Quality contractors are readily available

Winter is traditionally a quiet time for outdoor contractors and you’re much more likely to find the firm of your choice available on the days that suit you during this season. Contractors will also generally be able to commit more people to a winter project so that it can be completed more quickly and with far less disruption.

But if you decide to wait a few months you may find it difficult to get the work done at all as customers scramble to get their yards ready for spring.

Lower prices, quicker results

The iron law of supply and demand also means that you are likely to get your new fence at a far better price if you install it in winter. Materials also tend to be more readily available so there may be a significantly shorter wait time, particularly if you are planning an unusual or custom installation.

No need to wait for privacy

With the trees bare of leaves, winter can be a time when you find your home and yard uncomfortably exposed and overlooked, but the installation of a fence can quickly restore your privacy until your natural screen returns in spring.

Be ready for summer

If you want to make the most of the fleeting months of spring and summer, it makes sense to have your yard ready to use well in advance. Installing a fence in winter allows plenty of time for the necessary planting and lawn preparation to be completed without the inconvenience of contractors accessing your property with vehicles and equipment.

Find Out More

So with the right planning, the onset of winter is no reason to delay your fencing plans.

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