Contemporary Fence Designs for the Stylish Homeowner

fence designs

Fences can improve the curb appeal and landscaping of your home. New, contemporary, modern home fence designs can dramatically change the look of your home.

Homeowners may decide to install fences for many reasons. Read on to learn about fence designs that can improve the WOW factor of your home.

The Best Contemporary Fence Designs

There are many reasons to install a fence. Dog owners and parents with young children install fences to keep their loved ones contained. Whereas other fences, for example, those around a pool, are designed to keep unwanted people or things out.

Fences can also be made of many different materials. Below is a list of some of the most unique and modern fence designs using tried and true materials.


Wood is the most common material used in fences. It is sturdy and reasonably priced. You can also decide the amount of space between planks to create more or less privacy. Privacy fences tend to be tall. If you are looking for a more ornamental, than structural, fence you can use a lower profile.

A modern twist on wood is to hang the planks horizontally, not the traditional vertical position. The horizontal planks add a contemporary look to any back yard.


Iron is a great fence material if you are looking for security. You can use custom detailing to ensure that it doesn’t look institutional. Ornamental fencing will add a unique detail to your home and make it stand out from those around it.

Stone and Wood

When you think of a stone fence you may think of a European Castle. However, stone can be used with wood, for example, to break up the lines of a solid fence and add a unique twist on the traditional stone wall.

You can add a Gabion Wall to break up a large section of a wood wall, as well. A Gabion Wall is a retaining wire wall that’s filled with stones. Choose more formal stones that match your outdoor decor.

Iron and Stone

Iron and Stone can work together to create a formal perimeter barrier to your home.

Glass and Wood

You can break up a wood fence with glass. This is particularly helpful if you have a view that you want to protect but also want to create a sense of privacy.

Wood and Iron

This is a traditional combination that can create a modern feel. Use the iron as posts and the wood as horizontal planks between the posts. Adding an ornate cap on the iron posts adds a creative touch.

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