Why You Should Install a Pool Fence (Better Yet, Get Expert Installation)

pool fence

Whether you have an in-ground or an above ground swimming pool, it’s important to consider installing a pool fence. Pools are a wonderful source of fun, exercise, relaxation, and family bonding time. But they also represent a hazard to people and even pets. A pool fence can greatly diminish the chance for accidents on your Maryland property. Here are the reasons why you should install a pool fence.

Pool Fences Provide Safety

Everyone would agree that pool fences provide an extra safety precaution against accidents around pools. There are many ways that pool fences can protect people and animals.

A pool fence protects your children when you’re not home. Pools are a great attraction for youngsters, especially on a warm, sunny day. But when an adult isn’t present, children should be kept away from the pool. At HoCo Fence in Maryland, we install locking pool fences that will keep your kids from being able to access your swimming pool until you arrive home to supervise their play.

iron gate walkway pool

A walkway iron fence to your pool, like this one we installed, is a great option!

Pool fences keep wandering neighborhood kids from using your pool. Once the neighborhood kids hear about your swimming pool, you’ll have a pool full of youngsters. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep interested youngsters away when you aren’t home. A locking swimming pool fence can keep out neighborhood children and protect them from harm when your property is vacant.

Many animals, including pets, are drawn to swimming pools because they see them as an abundant source of drinking water. Pool fences keep wild animals and pets from drinking poolside and accidentally falling in.

Pool fences Don’t Detract From the Pool Experience

Beautiful pool fencing from HoCo Fence doesn’t detract from the swimming pool experience. When your family and friends are ready to play, the gate can easily be unlocked by an adult for easy access. Also, because the pool fencing is manufactured in a way that enables complete visibility from both sides, the pool fence never takes away from the view. People can easily see who is in the pool from the outside, and swimmers have complete visibility far outside the parameters of the pool area.

Pool Fence Material Options

Pool fences are constructed in a variety of materials so that property owners have options. Pool fences are commonly available in traditional grey-colored chain link metal, as well as a multitude of color options that complement the d├ęcor of the pool area and the home. Property owners can also install vinyl pool fences or wrought iron pool fences. Vinyl pool fences can provide for privacy as well as safety, while wrought iron pool fences offer all of the same visibility features of a chain link fence, with additional quality, style, and durability.

rail fence in front of pool

Here’s a fence we installed around a customer’s pool.

Pool Fence Parameter Options

Pool fences don’t have to be installed very close to the swimming pool itself. Installing a pool fence farther away from the edges of the pool allows the property owner to mark a boundary around the entire swimming area. Installing a pool fence in this way prevents young children from playing on the hard pool surround. If you have an above ground swimming pool, installing pool fencing far enough away from the edges of the pool successfully keeps people and animals away until there is a responsible adult around to supervise.

Pool fences help keep your pool safe and enjoyable for your family, friends, and pets. They are available in a choice of materials and can be installed in varying distances from the edge of your Maryland swimming pool. Contact HoCo Fence today about getting a pool fence installed around your pool.