Dos And Don’ts of Security Fencing

security fencing

If you’re like many homeowners, safeguarding your home and property is paramount to everything else in life. What’s more important than ensuring that you, your family and your property are safe and secure from interlopers, trespassers, and criminals while you’re home and while you’re away. If security fencing is something that you’re interested in, consider these dos and don’ts of security fencing, then contact HoCo Fence for your security fencing needs.

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Do Check With Your Town Hall Before Installing Security Fencing

Most towns won’t prevent you from installing security fencing on your property. However, you should always check with your town hall first. They may require you to pull a permit before installing security fencing, or they may have certain regulations about the height or style of your security fencing. It’s worth it to check in with your local town hall before proceeding, to ensure you are in total compliance with local laws.

privacy fence garden landscaping

This privacy fence we installed will need some upkeep, but that shouldn’t deter you from installing one.

Do Let Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company Know

Once you have your security fencing installed, call up your homeowner’s insurance representative and let them know what you’ve done. You may be qualified for a generous discount on your insurance premium. If you have a home business, be sure and let your business insurance provider know as well, for the same reason. Security fencing installation costs can be offset by premium discounts.

Do Consider Placing a Warning Sign to Would-Be Intruders

It never hurts to warn potential intruders ahead of time – to discourage break-ins. A discreet warning sign, displayed on your security fencing, may be enough to prevent intruders from trying to breach your security fencing.

Don’t Let Security Fencing Get in the Way of Neighborliness

Your security fencing is designed to keep intruders out-not keep you in. Be sure and let your neighbors know your concerns and why you are installing security fencing. That will help prevent any misunderstandings about why you are installing security fencing.

Don’t Hesitate to Decorate Security Fencing

Security fencing can be decorated just like any other fence option. When holidays arrive, don’t hesitate to decorate your security fencing with garlands, lamps, and other décor to make your property look as attractive as possible. Just because it’s called security fencing doesn’t mean it can’t be adorned to make it look as beautiful as the rest of your property.

Don’t Forget to Choose a Good Gate

The gate or gates on your security fencing can be ornate, and still be functional. Consider an automatic opener gate or one that has scrolling in the shape of your family initials or crest. An attractive gate on your security fencing won’t detract from its function, but it will enhance the curb appeal of your property.

ornamental estate fence with gate

Don’t Assume Your Security Fencing is All You Need

It’s important not to be complacent when you have security fencing. If you have family heirlooms and other valuables in your home, you should still take traditional security steps, such as locking your doors and windows at night, stopping newspaper delivery when you’re not home, and keeping vehicles locked while in your driveway.

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