8 Reasons Why You Will Love Your Wrought Iron Fence

wrought iron fence

Are you still on the fence about ordering a wrought iron fence (ornamental fence) for your Maryland residential or commercial property? Time to choose sides! You’ll never regret choosing wrought iron fencing for your property. Here are eight reasons why you’ll love your wrought iron fence.

1. Wrought Iron Resists Rust

Wrought iron is composed of an alloy. Stated simply, this means that the iron is mixed with a material called slag. While iron itself is highly prone to rust, the slag greatly inhibits this unsightly chemical change. You will never have to worry about your wrought iron fence rusting away.

2. Tiny Spots of Rust Are Easy To Fix

If you do notice tiny spots of rust, no need for expensive maintenance. As a homeowner in Maryland, you can fix tiny rust spots yourself in just minutes. Simply sand away the rust and paint over the spot with one or two layers of rust-resistant paint in a matching color.

iron gate driveway

An example of a driveway iron gate that we installed

3. Wrought Iron Fences Can Last Hundreds of Years

Because wrought iron is so resistant to wear and tear, you can expect your wrought iron fence to last up to a hundred years or even longer. It’s even called the “100-year fencing” because of its longevity.

4. Wrought Iron Resists Dents and Bending

Not only will your wrought iron fence last 100 years or more, but it will look great doing so! The inherent tensile strength of wrought iron makes it strong against bending, dents, so it will look just as prime in its 99th year as it does in its 1st year!

5. Wrought Iron Fences Work Great on Commercial Properties, Too

If you have a commercial property in Maryland, consider a wrought iron fence installation to enhance the look and quality of your property. Wrought iron fence is ideal for commercial applications because it doesn’t detract from street visibility. You can use it to set property boundaries, and passersby will still be able to see your business frontage clearly.

6. Wrought Iron Fences are Available in Different Designs

Since wrought iron fencing panels are custom wrought, the design possibilities are endless. For example, you can order a wrought iron fence with scrollwork in the shape of your family crest, the first initial of your family surname, your company logo, or a meaningful animal or another shape. And since it’s classic wrought iron, whatever design you choose will look upscale and tasteful.

iron gate walkway pool

A walkway iron fence to your pool, like this one we installed, is a great option!

7. Wrought Iron Fences Can Be Easily Decorated

During holidays, wrought iron fences can be decorated to enhance the holiday spirit around your residential or commercial property. Their composition and structure lend them easily to decorative elements such as lanterns, bows, garlands, bells and other whimsical decorations.

8. Wrought Iron Fence Panels Can Be Repaired or Replaced Individually

With wrought iron fencing, each panel can be repaired or replaced without the costly process of repairing or replacing the entire fence. This functionality also allows the property owner the option of customizing just one or two panels without needing to invest in a whole new fence.

There are lots of reasons to love wrought iron fencing. For a comprehensive overview of how wrought iron fencing can transform your property in Maryland, contact HoCo Fence today.