Why You Need a Fence Contractor (Fence Installation and Repair)

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Like most big house projects, installing a fence is usually best left to the professionals. If you are considering installing a new fence or repairing an existing fence, you’ll need to hire a fence contractor. If you’ve never done so before, you might have questions about the process and why you need a fence contractor.

What is a Fence Contractor?

A fence contractor is a contractor who works specifically with fence installation and repair. The DIY shows on television may convince you that you can build or install any fence, but in reality, a fence contractor is invaluable. There is more to installing a fence than just digging a few holes and pouring some cement. A good fence contractor can help you select the best materials for your climate, your property, and your specific needs. Most importantly, a fence contractor is there throughout the entire installation and/or repair process.

Tips for Finding the Right Fence Contractor

  • Establish credibility of your contractor: When researching fence contractors, you should always be able to find a legitimate business address.
  • Is the contractor experienced in all types of fence installations including wood, vinyl, and metal fencing?
  • You should always have an estimate before work begins; a good fence contractor knows this.
  • Does the contractor take a “measure twice, cut once” approach to planning your fence installation?
  • Does the contractor answer your questions? Designing a fence comes with a lot of questions from material choice to gate locations, and a good contractor helps clients through that process.

Fence Installation Contractors

Fence installation contractors offer many benefits to homeowners and business owners alike. First and foremost, a good fence contractor knows the county requirements for installing a fence. For instance, in Howard County, a permit must be obtained if the fence in question will be six feet or higher. A fence contractor must obtain this permit prior to the work beginning. HoCo Fence understands these requirements, and we are diligent about obtaining any and all permits before the installation process begins.

fence installation contractors

HoCo Fence contractors make the installation process as smooth as can be. The contractor will make sure that ordinances are checked, permits are obtained, and utilities and property lines are well marked. No sliced utility lines on their watch! The lines will be carefully drawn and measured. Once the client approves, the installation can begin. What’s a smoother process than that?

Fence Repair Contractors

Damage to a fence is more than just an inconvenience; a damaged fence can cause safety concerns – especially if your fence surrounds a pool! If you have a damaged fence, you want only the best contractor fixing your fence.

fence repair contractors

If you have a damaged fence, contact HoCo Fence today for a fence repair contractor.

If you have a fence in need of repair – whether a gate is broken or an entire panel has been knocked down – feel reassured when the fence contractors at HoCo Fence come to repair your fence.

How Can HoCo Fence Serve You?

Have you been asking friends for “recommendations for fence contractors in my area?” Whether you need a wood fence contractor or an iron fence contractor, let the professionals at HoCo Fence help you. Contact us today for an estimate!