Metal Fence 101

metal fence

Maybe you just moved to a new house and needed a fence so your dog can safely play in the yard. Or maybe the old fence around the rose garden is ready to be replaced. Regardless of why you need a fence, when individuals begin researching types of fences for their home or business, they quickly realize they have many … Read More

Iron Gates for Your Maryland Home or Property

iron gate maryland

Iron gates add a level of distinction that many Maryland homeowners and business owners appreciate. Iron gates have a long history of use in this country; long before the introduction of manmade materials like stainless steel and vinyl. As such, having an iron gate on your property can give your home or business an historic accent that you’ll appreciate every … Read More

Why You Should Consider a Privacy Fence

privacy fence

Your property is your personal domain. It’s where you relax, enjoy time with your friends and family, and where you can pursue your hobbies and passions. Unfortunately, some neighborhoods don’t provide the kind of privacy where you can enjoy yourself without being on display. Here are some reasons why you should consider using HoCo Fence to install a privacy fence … Read More

A Brief History of Ornamental Fences in Maryland

An Ornamental Fence in Maryland

Maryland has provided the sometimes tumultuous setting for the evolution of modern America. As a union state that still used slaves to farm extensive tobacco crops, Maryland became the embittered battlefield where brother fought against brother during the Civil War. During a failed attempt by the British to take Baltimore in 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the … Read More