Iron Gates for Your Maryland Home or Property

iron gate maryland

Iron gates add a level of distinction that many Maryland homeowners and business owners appreciate. Iron gates have a long history of use in this country; long before the introduction of manmade materials like stainless steel and vinyl. As such, having an iron gate on your property can give your home or business an historic accent that you’ll appreciate every time you see it.

Benefits of Driveway Iron Gates

iron gate driveway

An example of a driveway iron gate that we installed

Driveway iron gates offer several benefits in addition to the look of elegance they impart:

  • Can be motorized for convenient opening and closing without having to exit the vehicle
  • Can be adorned with embellishments such as a family crest, last name initial or any whimsical design for added flair
  • Prevents vehicles from using your driveway to back in, turn around, etc.
  • Keeps casual pedestrians and solicitors from wandering onto your property and disturbing your peace
  • Demarcates your property boundary lines from the street
  • For security purposes, allows clear visual line of sight for property owner to see any vehicle that’s outside the gate

Benefits of Walkway Iron Gates

iron gate walkway pool

A walkway iron fence to your pool, like this one we installed, is a great option!

Walkway iron gates are beneficial because they will last for hundreds of years, are easily opened and closed, and can be painted as desired to keep them looking attractive for as long as you own your home. Walkway iron gates are quaint, charming and highly aesthetic. These gates can be installed in a new or existing iron fence, in a break between a stone wall, or even as a standalone feature between manicured shrubberies, where the gate is the entryway to a special garden area.

Hanging an iron gate is straightforward when you hire professional fence installers in Maryland like HoCo Fence. An installation of this kind may take only one day to complete, depending on the complexity of the project.

What is the Difference Between Wrought Iron and Ornamental?

Wrought iron is an iron alloy. This simply means that it’s iron that’s been blended with slag to give it texture and enhance its appearance. Wrought iron is used to make fences, gates, and some other decorative items. Wrought iron is subject to rust, which is why it must be coated with paint to avoid rust and discoloration.

Ornamental fences are made from metal, but not necessarily iron. Ornamental fences can be made from aluminum, steel or iron. Aluminum is the most popular ornamental fence material because it doesn’t rust.

Why Hire HoCo Fence to Install Your Iron Gate in Maryland?

While iron gates will last for years, they do need to be installed correctly to ensure functionality for the long term. Iron gates are inherently heavy. They must be hung precisely parallel so that they swing open without scraping the ground. This is especially important in the case of driveway iron gates, where the panels are long and wide. HoCo Fence has years of experience installing iron gates in Maryland, and understand exactly how to undertake the process so that beauty and functionality are ensured.

An iron gate can make a big impact on the appearance of your property. Call HoCo Fence today for a free consultation or to get more information about the possibility of upgrading to an iron gate at your residence or business.