Metal Fence 101

metal fence

Maybe you just moved to a new house and needed a fence so your dog can safely play in the yard. Or maybe the old fence around the rose garden is ready to be replaced. Regardless of why you need a fence, when individuals begin researching types of fences for their home or business, they quickly realize they have many options available. In addition to the traditional choices of wood, vinyl, and chain link, homeowners and businesses have another fencing option: metal fence.

What is metal fencing?

Fences may only be constructed out a few different types of materials: wood, vinyl, chain link or ornamental metal. Each material offers its individual benefits. While wood is less expensive than the other options, it requires regular upkeep (such as staining) to keep it looking good. Vinyl is a popular choice because it doesn’t need as much maintenance as the wood fence. However, ornate metal fencing creates the perfect mixture of strength and beauty.

Metal fences made out of aluminum are perfect for Maryland weather as the aluminum will not succumb to rust from rain and snowfall. Metal yard fences made out of steel or iron are extremely durable and can even be treated with different colored patinas for a more customized look.

metal fence installation

Metal and brick fence

What are the types of metal fencing available?

It is helpful to understand the different types of metal fences as you research the best metal fence for your needs. Metal fences can be categorized as:

  • Metal picket fence: HoCo Fence offers metal picket fences made from aluminum, iron, or steel in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Metal privacy fence: A privacy fence allows your property to be secured while also giving privacy to the homeowners. Privacy panels are available in a variety of colors and patterns; custom designs are also available.

How are residential metal fences installed?

HoCo Fence follows a few simple guidelines when preparing for an installation. All installation steps are designed to make sure the process goes smoothly for you. After checking a town or HOA rules (which may affect height or color of the fence), the second step is to mark all utility and property lines.

Next, we draw out the lines for the fence, followed by measurements and more markings. Once the customer is happy with all plans and drawings, the installation begins. Note that all 6ft metal fence installations require a permit.

What if I need to repair my fence?

Many HOA regulations have strict rules that fences must be kept looking nice. While a metal fence won’t rot or fade as a wood fence might, you may have to repair hinges. Repairing a metal fence is essential to the overall integrity of the fence, but repairs become critical when the fence surrounds a pool.

metal fence repair

HoCo Fence can repair any type of metal fence, including aluminum fences, such as this fence we installed.

Fence repairs should be completed as soon as the problem is noted. HoCo Fence can help you determine if your fence is need of repair and what can be done to rectify the situation.

What if I have questions about purchasing a new metal fence?

Whether you need a backyard metal fence or commercial metal fencing, HoCo Fence professionals can help you through this process. Contact us today for a free quote.