Why You Should Consider a Privacy Fence

privacy fence

Your property is your personal domain. It’s where you relax, enjoy time with your friends and family, and where you can pursue your hobbies and passions. Unfortunately, some neighborhoods don’t provide the kind of privacy where you can enjoy yourself without being on display. Here are some reasons why you should consider using HoCo Fence to install a privacy fence around your property.

What is a Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence is one in which the slats or panels are abutted tightly next to each other with no spaces in between. This ensures that no matter how near someone stands to the fence on the other side, they cannot see what’s on the opposite side of the fence.

privacy fence backyard

A backyard privacy fence that we installed

Benefits of a Privacy Fence

A privacy fence affords many benefits to homeowners. These include:

  • Keeping pets from being tempted to chase cars, animals or people because they won’t be able to see them outside of the yard.
  • Ensuring that children are safe from prying eyes while they play in the backyard.
  • Preventing others from being able to see valuable outdoor equipment or furniture on the property.
  • Enabling total relaxation and lounging, knowing that no one is watching.
  • Preventing potential hazards from neighborhood kids trespassing to use backyard features like trampolines, swimming pools and hot tubs in your absence.

What are the Cons of Privacy Fences?

There are very few cons to having a privacy fence installed. The ones that do exist are very minor, and shouldn’t prevent you from calling HoCo Fence to get a free estimate on privacy fence panels for your property. Still, it’s important to look at your privacy fence investment from all angles. Here are some of the drawbacks of a privacy fence:

  • Grass will need to be trimmed with a trimmer next to the fence because the lawnmower won’t be able to reach it.
  • While neighbors can’t see in, you also can’t see beyond your yard. If there are vistas beyond your property, you’ll miss out.
  • The privacy fence will need some upkeep over time. However, privacy fence panels are readily paintable and easy to power wash, so maintenance is minimal.
privacy fence garden landscaping

This privacy fence we installed will need some upkeep, but that shouldn’t deter you from installing one.

What to Consider When Installing a Privacy Fence

First, you may need to survey your property. In order not to infringe on your neighbor’s property, you’ll want definite assurance that the fence is installed along the proper boundaries.

Next, you will need to check with your town to see if you need a permit to install a privacy fence. If you need assistance with getting this information, HoCo Fence can help.

Consider the impact on your neighborly relations. If you are close to one or more of your neighbors, you may wish to install a gate on the side of your privacy fence so that kids can go back and forth into each other’s yards without going out the front door. HoCo Fence can easily accommodate all of your gate needs when they install your privacy fence.

A privacy fence typically raises the value of a home. Whether or not you plan to sell in the future, a privacy fence will undoubtedly enhance the quality of your home lifestyle. To see the various options available with a privacy fence, contact HoCo Fence today.