Choosing a White Fence: Vinyl, Picket, or Privacy

white fence

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a house with a white picket fence for years, and you’re ready to see that dream come to fruition. Maybe your HOA requires that any new fence installed must be white for uniformity purposes. There are many reasons for wanting a white fence, but even when it comes to white fences, you have options.

White Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are ever increasing in popularity, and that might be due to their durability and easy maintenance requirements. Although there are many other color options for vinyl fences, a white vinyl fence is easy to maintain as this type of fence needs to be washed only once per year. Unlike a white painted wood fence, there is no threat of peeling paint or the need to repaint or re-stain the wood. Choosing a vinyl as your material of choice for a white fence is a smart choice as it will remain bright for years to come.

white vinyl fence

Here’s an example of a white vinyl fence that we installed.

White vinyl fences are available in two different types of panels: picket or privacy.

White Picket Fence

While the original picket fences were made of wood, a white picket fence can also be constructed of vinyl. A white picket fence is a classic American dream, but that dream can be customized to fit your specific tastes; picket fences can have:

  • Scalloped tops
  • Domed tops
  • Closed or open tops
white picket fence

An example of a white picket fence we installed.

Again, this is one white fence that will not peel paint or ever need to be stained.

White Privacy Fence

If you have a dog or young kids, or even if you just like to sunbathe in your backyard, you may feel more inclined to invest in a privacy fence. Just like the picket fences, privacy fences also are available in white. So if your HOA regulates fence color or if you simply like the clean, crisp look of a white fence, rest assured that you can have your privacy while your yard remains stylish.

Privacy fences can feature:

  • Lattice toppers
  • Close spindle toppers
white privacy fence

An example of a white privacy fence that we installed.

Just like the white picket fences, the white privacy fences are easily maintained with a yearly washing, which ensures that your fence will remain bright and white.

Installing a Fence

Regardless of which type of white fence you need, HoCo Fence will guide you through the installation process, making it as smooth as possible for you. The first step is to draw out the lines of the proposed fence (which can be done by surveyor). The second step is to obtain any necessary permits. Once the actual installation begins, HoCo Fence will make sure that all fences are level and follow the proposed installation lines. All vinyl fences – regardless of color or panel type – will feature corner posts set in concrete, which ensures the strength and integrity of the fence.

Is a White Fence Right For You?

Are you decided on the color white, but undecided if you want a picket fence or a privacy fence? Let the HoCo Fence professionals help you. Contact us today for a free quote.