Choosing Wood Fence Posts, Panels, Gates, and Pickets

wood fence options

The iconic wood fence is one of the most inexpensive and secure ways to protect your home, business or property. However, choosing the fence that is right for you is fraught with decisions. Do I choose redwood or cedar? Pickets or panels? Which type of gate, stain, hardware and fence posts do I want? Rather than throw up your hands at the whole process, this simple guide will make these decisions easier.

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Type of Wood

One of the first things to consider is which type of wood you would like your wood fence to be made from.

  • Pine, Fir or Spruce – Fences made from pressure treated pine, fir or spruce tend to be the least expensive option. These types of wood are sprayed with an insecticide to deter insects such as termites from destroying the wood. These types of wood will need to be treated with a water-repellent stain every 1-2 years to prevent rot and increase the longevity of the fence.
  • Cedar or Cypress – Cedar and cypress fences not only have natural oils that repel insects, but they are also naturally rot resistant. Fences made from these types of wood may need to be periodically treated with a clear water-repellent stain to prevent them from turning gray. As a result, cedar and cypress are excellent choices for wood fences because they require relatively little maintenance.
cedar wood fence

Here’s an example of a cedar wood fence we installed

  • Redwood – A redwood fence is, by far, the most beautiful fence you could place on your property. Naturally, insect repellant and rot resistant, the beauty of a redwood fence can be maintained for 25 years or more with a periodic coat of clear stain.

Fence Posts

Fence posts serve as anchors for the entire fence’s structure. Often anchored in concrete, the fence post’s diameter is determined by the fence’s height, the distance between the posts and the number of rails. If the post is too narrow, the entire fence’s structure will be compromised. A fence post can also have a distinctive shape based on whether the fence will be paneled or picketed. Round, peeled or square options are available depending on how you want the finished product to look.

wood fence post gothic

Gothic posts are one of many options for your wood fence

Panels vs. Pickets

The old American dream of having a house with a white picket fence is a possibility with wood construction. Pickets can vary in height, spacing, shape, and finish and can be customized to your style and security needs. Wood paneled fences offer maximum amounts of privacy and security and can be customized to the height of your desired fence and finish you would like to achieve. Deciding between the two will likely come down to personal preference and the purpose of the fence.

outdoor wood fence

If you want an amazing looking fence, like this one we installed, call us today!


Ultimately, you have to choose how and where you will get in and out of your fence. Are you planning to drive a vehicle through your gate? Consider an automated gate system that opens and shuts your gate with the touch of a button. Are you keeping dogs inside the fence? Consider a smaller gate with auto-shut hinges to ensure your gate will never be left open.

backyard wood fence

Our sleek gates blend right in with your perfect looking wood fence

If your mind is still reeling from all of the possibilities, call the expert installation professionals at HoCo Fence for a free design consultation and bid. They can help you create the wood fence of your dreams that match your style needs and budget.