Add Historical Charm to Your Property With a Split Rail Fence

split rail fence

Split rail fences are one of the oldest fence styles in the U.S. Since the days of the pioneers, property owners have done split rail fence installation to mark property boundaries and keep livestock corralled. When you have HoCo Fence install a split rail fence on your property, you automatically add historic charm to your property, as well as a valuable asset to your home.

The Versatility of a Split Rail Fence

One of the best features of a split rail fence is its versatility. Homeowners often choose split rail fencing because it is not restricted regarding layout. If your property lines aren’t perfectly even, or if you have certain areas you’d like to omit from your split rail fence perimeter, that’s never an issue. Split rail fencing can meander, weave and turn in any direction that the homeowner desires.

Another versatility factor with a split rail fence is the way it can be finished. Some homeowners prefer to keep their cedar split rail fence in its original condition. Others also prefer the natural look but opt to seal the wood with a clear coat of sealant. Still, others like to stain the split rail fence wood with a lighter or darker shade than the original hue. Finally, split rail fencing responds well to paint. Homeowners have been known to pain their split rail fence white, red, green, and even brown. The point is, the level of versatility for this wildly popular wooden fence style is nearly limitless.

split rail fence repair

HoCo Fence also repairs split rail fences.

Caring for a Split Rail Fence

Since split rail fences are made of wood, they do weather over time, just like any other wood fence in Maryland. The weather in Howard County, Carroll County, and Montgomery County varies between balmy and warm and bitter and cold. As such, you can expect your split rail fence wood to expand and contract according to the temperature fluctuations. This expansion and contraction occasionally lead to a need for some light maintenance.

Attention can be given to built -up debris, cracks, splinters and general wear and tear with common household supplies. Clean up is easy with a light formulation of soapy water and a clean cloth. Rough areas can be sanded down and re-sealed or painted over. Cracks can be filled in and then resurfaced with sealant and paint. Compared to other fence styles, split rail fencing is one of the easiest to care for.

split rail fence benefits

Add historical charm to your home with a split rail fence.

Benefits of a Split Rail Fence

Split rail fencing allows homeowners to prominently mark property boundaries without losing access to boundless vistas beyond the fence. Unlike other panel fence styles, split rail fences don’t “box in” the property. With split rail fence installation in Maryland, the homeowner is also able to effectively keep livestock corralled, such as llamas, cows, and horses. Finally split rail fences can be attractively decorated for the various holidays, presenting a stunning area for family, friends, and visitors to enjoy.

Are you interested in possibly installing a split rail fence on your property in Maryland? Hoco Fence has been installing Maryland fences for decades. Please contact us today for a free consultation.